Lubricant Raw materials

As Rede Chemical Co, in order to be a compatative manufacturer of lubricants and easy way of supplier of the raw materials ,we import directly and sell to you. Our company has many years of experience and emerging technology with the aims to increase the competitive edge.

Grease Raw Material

REDE Chemical Co., with years of experience engaged in the import grease raw materials. Our aim is to support your manufacturing technology and increase the performance level of the grease fort he market.

What is the formula?

Rede Chemical Co,, aims to improve lube oil and grease production plant installation projects, with high quality and innovative formulas to add extra power to existing power. We are glad to serve you about any demands conserning your problems.

To prepare a project

Rede Chemical Co; helps to prepare a project during the installation factory, up to manage laboratory system, with full services. Our aim is to give more fruitfull sevices to your actions.